The most famous headrest comp有低any to manufacture Doro Headrest and我妹 Retractor System.

    Its strong R&D ability en些舊sures the leading position in the hea空術drest market.
  • SOPHYSA product line
    SOPHYSA product line
    As the biggest supplier sp時她ecialized in CSF management.

    Products include ICP 書門Monitor System, adjustable人文 and mono-pressure shunts, 影喝EVD System, and Soph-A-Por鐵音t.
  • MIZUHO product line
    MIZUHO product line
    The outstanding Sugita Titani快這um Aneurysm Clip is highly recog去頻nized as the best clip in aneur數問ysm treatment around the world.
  • Craniomaxillofacial Osteosynthesis
    Craniomaxillofacial Osteosynthe拿草sis
    Its cranialmaxillofacial 生見osteosynthesis has exquisite workmans區銀hip

    Its cranialmaxillofacial osteos商爸ynthesis has exquisite 劇媽workmanship
  • NSI Clear-line Retractor
    NSI Clear-line Retractor
    Well-known in spinal retractor systems

    Products include cervical re農學tractor, lumbar retractor, pediatr文海ic retractor and etc.
  • Isolation Membrane
    Isolation Membrane
    Products include Mem玩朋bthes Dura Substitute and Spin家東e anti-adhesive membran車照e.

  • TissuePatch SF
    TissuePatch SF
    Help surgeons to effectively 為電seal tissues against 見看leakage air, blood and o費志ther fluids, including Cerebr但有ospinal Fluid (CSF)
  • Transcranial Holter
    Transcranial Holter
    Long time monitoring for emboli det這子ection with a robotized probe an歌能d a portable recorder

    Atys has developed the司友 TCDx to make emboli detection easie算算r, reliable and clinically us藍歌eful
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