Founded in 2007, the company aims to 見上introduce the world's top medica店厭l device products into China東北, provide the most advanced 西房medical technology and products fo土能r clinicians and patien討亮ts, and actively promote the de女還velopment of medical和上 level. The compa
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2007: Company founded
2007: Signed the exclusive distribution內商 agreement with pro med i區友nstruments
2008: Signed the exclusive distribution和道 agreement with Sophysa
2009: Signed the exclusive 們謝distribution agreement with Mizuho, S見技ugita Aneur
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· Respect for the individua場光l
· Integrity, trust an懂議d support
· Work with passion
· Inspire efficiency很相 and innovation
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Black Forest Medical Group (G紙筆ermany)、Sophysa (France)、Miz來商uho(Japan)
Suokang (China)、Tissuemed(UK日音)、NSI(U.S.)、REBSTOCK In城理struments GmbH (German章話y)
ATYS Medical (Frence)、Spes Medica (Ita去外ly)、Biolitec (German化近y)、Misonix (U.S.)、COMPAS理白S (U.S.)
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