Innovative Medcare Techno黃內logy, Ltd

Established in 2007, Inn姐技ovative Medcare Technology低司 Ltd. is committed to introduce唱聽 advanced medical prod快樂ucts and services to China 美村and continuously promoting the f會分uture development of the health年話care industry.

We are currently the excl刀城usive distributor in China for the f很兵ollowing world’s leading supplier嗎遠s:

Black Forest Medical Group (German朋熱y): The most famous headrest com門山pany to manufacture Doro Head銀呢rest and Retractor System and Non-窗日Stick Bipolar Forceps in Ger師人many. Its strong R&D ability ensu綠議res the leading posi道問tion in the headrest marke個什t.

Sophysa (France): As the biggest supplier s好自pecialized in CSF management, Sop鄉近hysa from France has 明好developed the first adjustable sh少知unt in the world. Pro物地ducts include ICP Monitor System, ad些作justable and mono-pressure 睡藍shunts, EVD System, and S姐媽oph-A-Port.

Mizuho (Japan): Well-known as its ope章劇ration table and surgery i吃高nstruments of more than什年 a hundred years. The湖光 outstanding Sugita Titani店匠um Aneurysm Clip is hig訊在hly recognized as the best clip in ane匠師urysm treatment around the wo老時rld.

Suokang (China): The only company spe員內cializing in medical e-PTFE implants短多 in China. Products include Membthes 去家Dura Substitute and S制影pine anti-adhesive membra志民ne.

Tissuemed (UK): World-top company specialized in坐河 surgical sealant films to help年少 surgeons to effectively seal tiss區煙ues against leakage air, blood and o快呢ther fluids, including Ce件見rebrospinal Fluid (CSF).

NSI (U.S.): Well-known in spinal retractor systems,線地 has created a robust product portfoli器票o of spinal retractor systems with exce音音ptional quality. Products include cervi家科cal retractor, lumbar retractor, pedi員女atric retractor and e知為tc.

REBSTOCK Instruments GmbH (Germa遠遠ny): Leading manufacturer in neurosurg這費ery for more than 20 yea風什rs with high-precision and pr腦低oduct innovation. Its cr森窗anialmaxillofacial osteosynt黃理hesis has exquisite workm空樹anship, full quality cont歌好rol, wide variety of brand ite筆秒ms which makes it a 些可good choice as craniomaxillo妹黑facial fixation products.

ATYS Medical (France):你為 Focusing on transcranial Do劇個ppler devices and vascular海明 physiological diagnost和劇ic system design, manufacture and美見 sales for 30 years, ATYS M機筆edical are committed to provide stat體多e-of-the-art clinical solu間醫tions in the areas of討新 angiology, phlebology, diabetic國志 patient monitoring, neurology, anesthe也冷sia, resuscitation and intens風車ive care.

Spes Medica (Italy): Since 1999 we have been designing an自民d developing unique and i林高nnovative solutions for Ne放那urodiagnostic and Intraoperati微湖ve Monitoring with a solid glob大視al presence. Spes Med放高ica has become the ide體水al partner for making the EEG, E化爸MG and IOM practice ever more舞藍 innovative and pati笑很ent-oriented.

Biolitec (Germany): Biolitec is one of the wor愛聽ld's leading companie子銀s in the field of laser me和呢dicine, and it establishes the un遠拿iqueness of its portfolio 山舞through innovative treat器白ment procedures and ph司刀otodynamic therapy.  下她With 30 years' of technol放算ogy expertise, Biolitec 討開is the only company that has all re服視levant core competencies為大 in photodynamic ther喝風apy.

Misonix (USA): Misonix, Inc. specializes in the deve村看lopment and commercialization一都 of ultrasonic surgical dev飛國ices for neurosurgical, spinal, ad離藍vanced wound care, and general 不工surgery procedures. Portfolio of produc風小ts are all based upon the unique pro一票perties of ultrasound and its ability村跳 to differentiate hard又一 and soft tissue for diffe雪火rent clinical requireme內妹nts.

COMPASS (U.S.): Compass has been a pioneer in thi資技s field of computer-based ima都南ge-guided surgery (IGS) systems. Comp子習ass Stereotactic Systems and the Cy開討gnus-PFS intra-operati月城ve guidance products have underg電金one many years of deve愛愛lopment, refinement and us是制e in the surgical environment of m子姐any busy clinical int麗又ernational practices 文內to revolutionize surgical pra討工ctice, especially in neurosurg是跳ery.

After 16 years development, iMedcare h刀章as become one of the larges內短t medical providers in C在還hinese import medical device fi空低eld. The company now has男她 over 600 regional distrib技近utors, corporates with more than 10房對00 hospitals.

We have established a full s銀計ystem of academic support a房姐nd after-sales service. Almost 100 煙月seminars are organized each ye市煙ar, which strongly a雨微dvanced the academic progress in medica亮弟l device field.

We will continuously bring new司爸 advanced medical devices, to笑資 offer world leading technology to Chin學場ese medical field.